This course takes you on a journey from where you started in your marriage to where you are now. By understanding what has brought you to this point, you will be more ready to move to the next level, no matter how long (or short) you have been together. Filled with stories and practical advice, this course will guide you into a deeper connection in your relationship and allow it to become what God intended it to be.

This course will address:

  • Your preconceived ideas of marriage, and how that's affecting your marriage
  • How vices and past hurts keep you from having a truly happy marriage
  • The four levels of commitment you need to move your marriage to where you (and God) want it to be
  • And so much more...

Watch a sample video.

Includes Downloadable Ebook

With the purchase of this course, a free Ebook will be provided for download. It's a great companion to the videos and provides additional resources.