To sanctify your marriage means to make it holy, to set it apart. In this course, you will learn practical tips on how to elevate your marriage above the earthly mundane level to what God really intended. The good news is that there is hope and marriage can be much better and more wonderful than you imagine. A holy marriage is not boring, it's adventurous and can change the world. Let us show you how.

This course will address:

  • What it means to sanctify your marriage.
  • The problem of preconceived ideas and their negative effects.
  • The goal of a holy marriage.
  • What this all means in relation to the three aspects of marriage; the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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Includes Downloadable Ebook

With the purchase of this course, a free Ebook will be provided for download. It's a great companion to the videos and provides additional resources.