No one accidentally has a great marriage. It takes work, along with a lot of other qualities. In this course, the Padgetts will reference their years of experience to discuss the 7 qualities they have seen in successful marriages and where the lack of these qualities can lead. It's called The Basics because these points are common sense; however, they are useful as a measuring stick to see the health of a marriage.

This course will address:

  • How freedom plays in important role in the health of a marriage
  • The wise choices each couple should make
  • The destruction that can result from a lack of dignity and respect
  • How dreaming together adds a common goal that will drive a relationship forward
  • And so much more

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Includes Downloadable Ebook

With the purchase of this course, a free Ebook will be provided for download. It's a great companion to the videos and provides additional resources.